Svia high speed train tail locomotive in Rome, no injuries

Mariupol, the mayor:

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 03 – The rear locomotive of the Frecciarossa 9311, which left Turin at 8.50 am, on the Turin-Naples line, left the tracks near the Serenissima tunnel, a stone’s throw from Rome’s Prenestina station. The approximately 230 passengers on board the train were made safe by firefighters and Polfer who intervened on the spot.

Nobody was hurt. Traffic on the line is completely blocked, while dozens of convoys have been routed on alternative lines, accumulating delays of up to 90 minutes. RFI explained in a note that the causes of the train’s “tail locomotive deflection” are “still to be ascertained”. According to an initial reconstruction by the fire inspector of the fire brigade Pasquale Labate, “the train entered the tunnel without problems. Then, for reasons that will have to be ascertained, there was probably an anomalous sway and the tail locomotive crashed. against the entrance to the gallery of the Serenissima “. On the still blocked railway line there are various debris caused by the collision of the train with the tunnel. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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