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Fallen child: babysitter’s mother, ‘they ruined it for me’

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Ukraine, the largest wooden church in the country on fire (ANSA)

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 04 JUN – “They ruined her for me, she has always been a good girl. Monica is an only child, as is Soliera’s little boy. This is why I am praying so much for both my daughter and for that little one who can be saved “.

These are the words, reported by the Modenese newspapers of the mother of Monica Santi, the babysitter who in Soliera (Modena) was arrested on charges of attempted murder. He confessed that it was she, in the grip of what she called a catalepsy, who threw the 13-month-old boy out of the window, who is hospitalized at the Maggiore hospital in Bologna, on a reserved prognosis.

The mother’s reference is to the difficult period faced by her daughter who worked, until last June, as a secretary in a company: the professional relationship ended abruptly with legal consequences for unpaid salaries and accusations of bullying. A situation that aggravated the psychological situation of the young woman.

After the break in the relationship she went for a period to Nice where she started babysitting. On her return, she responded to an announcement from Soliera’s family, starting, in January, to take care of the child for eight hours a day.

The parents, for whom the documents have been arranged to visit her, have her as their only daughter. Her father is a retired worker. Monica Santi, graduated in economics and commerce in 2015, is described as a woman with many interests, such as photography and drawing, but with few friends, with holidays taken alone and no social networks.

The maid, witness of what happened, although at the time of the events she was on the lower floor, reported that, in recent months, she had always carried out her work in an evening and accurate manner. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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