Margherita Hack, the Specola in Trieste reopens to the public


(ANSA) – TRIESTE, June 06 – The Specola, the observation station where Margherita Hack operated, reopens to the public today, after two years of closure due to Covid. The ribbon cutting for re-inauguration took place this morning in the headquarters of the structure, in Basovizza (on the Trieste Karst), in the presence of the director of Inaf-Astronomical Observatory of Trieste, Fabrizio Fiore and of political and scientific authorities.

The Specola consists of a ground floor, where an exhibition has been set up with a new historical-informative itinerary, and a first floor where the dome and the relative telescope are located.

Fiore also presented a week of events on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the scientist’s birth (June 12, 1922). Events in the name of a new way of communicating science. “We don’t want to hold shady conferences, in which we are on one side and the public on the other. We have to follow Margherita Hack’s teachings: do science, and explain it to people in the best possible way”.

“Specola – said the Inaf director – is one of the activities that will remain over time: the restructuring of the site allows us to reopen to the public, especially schools. But in the coming days there will be other activities, including shows of contamination between science, theater and music that will take place at the Miela Theater and at Molo IV “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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