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Fire on the Gargano, flames extinguished with canadair

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(ANSA) – FOGGIA, 07 JUN – “The wind and the temperatures helped us: the fire remained under control all night and since this morning it has been extinguished thanks to the intervention of the Canadair and the men on the ground”. This was stated by the provincial commander of the Foggia Fire Brigade, Domenico de Pinto, who coordinated the extinguishing operations of the fire that broke out yesterday afternoon in the ‘Baia delle Zagare’ area on the Gargano. The nature of the stake remains to be ascertained.

During the night, an evacuation plan was also prepared for about eighty tourists present in the accommodation facilities. The municipality of Mattinata (Foggia) had made buses available for vacationers while a boat from Vieste was alerted by sea. “We have placed our teams to protect the tourist facilities”, underlines De Pinto, and “fortunately everything went well”.

Meanwhile, we think about the prevention of summer fires.

According to the commander, first of all it is necessary “to clean the undergrowth and above all the edges of state, provincial and municipal roads which are often a source of triggers. Prevention is also improved with protective measures: we need water supply sources that allow us to supply emergency vehicles “.

The commander adds that “as every year we have entered into an agreement with the Puglia Region to deal with the fires and which provides for additional teams from June 15 to September 15 and an additional team in the months of July and August. But tonight’s fire anticipated the times “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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