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Sarzana murders, carabinieri look for guns and cell phones for victims

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Rome, 400 years of the Palazzo di Spagna with the illusion of the ephemeral (ANSA)

(ANSA) – GENOA, JUNE 08 – Investigations continue into the death of Nevila Pjetri, 35, a resident of Massa, murdered with two gunshots to the head in the early hours of Sunday 5 June and for whose murder he was arrested yesterday Daniele Bedini, 32, craftsman from the Apuan capital. And investigations are also continuing into the death of ‘Camilla’, born Carlo Bertolotti, 43, a transsexual beaten up and killed with as many gunshots, presumably the same weapon that killed Nevila. In these hours, the determinations of the Ris of the carabinieri on the shells found in Camilla’s car are awaited. Meanwhile, the carabinieri are still looking for Nevila’s personal effects: cell phone and handbag seem to have disappeared into thin air. Camilla’s cell phone and handbag are also missing, but not her personal effects and documents. And above all we try to understand if the two murders are somehow connected and carried out by the same person.

The military is also busy looking for the weapon with which the killings were carried out. A pistol, probably a semiautomatic that could have chambered the 22 caliber, has disappeared from the house of Bedini’s father: the man had reported its theft on Saturday 4 June.


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Source: Ansa

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