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Killed in Vicenza by the ex, found dead in a car

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Assolavoro, record for stable employment in administration (ANSA)

A woman, Lidia Miljkovic, of 42 years of Serbian origin, was shot dead this morning in Vicenza by her ex-partner. The murder took place on the street. The alleged killer was found dead inside a car parked in a pitch on the West Ring Road of Vicenza. Another body would have been seen inside the car.

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The second victim found inside the car with the body of the killer of Lidia Miljkovic is also a woman. The car is subjected to checks by the police of the police station, who broke the windows to inspect the contents of the cockpit. From initial investigations, the second woman found dead could be the current partner of the killer.

The woman had just accompanied her two children to school and took the car back to go to via Vigolo. According to the first findings of the investigators, the ex-husband, also of Serbian origin, with whom the victim perhaps had an appointment, started shooting while the woman was still inside the car.

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According to the testimonies of the residents, the man walking away would have detonated two bombs, the nature of which is being investigated.

She had been beaten, and then reported by her ex-partner, Lidia Miljkovic, the woman shot dead this morning in Vicenza. This was revealed by the owner of the company for which the victim worked, the Food & co of Vicenza, a company specializing in catering. Her owner, Benedetto Mondello, revealed to her reporters that the man “had smashed her skull” causing serious injuries. The complaint against her would have been presented by the man for the alleged abandonment of her children. In 2019, the ban on approaching the former partner was finally issued.

The woman – reported Mondello – has two children, one of 16 and the other of 13; the latter had been taken by her to school. Lidia Miljkovic then went to the neighborhood for her job as a maid, which she alternated in the company with that of catering. “She was sick for some time – he continued – for beatings she was also hospitalized. She was in and out of the court with absurd complaints. A tragedy foretold, like all tragedies of this kind. Crazy people who go into it. I ride all day doing nothing “, concluded Mondello.

Source: Ansa

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