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Thirty-eight femicides in 2022, almost one every 4 days

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Ukraine, protesters in Genoa against the war (ANSA)

A trail of blood that shows no signs of diminishing. In the first six months of 2022 there are 38 femicides, almost one every four days. High numbers, an endless trail of blood that has left a wife, ex, sisters, daughters lifeless, all dead at the hands of a man, in most cases a partner or an ex. Still one of the family. The list also sadly includes Lidia Miljkovic, 42, shot dead by her companion and who, before killing herself, also killed her current girlfriend, a young Venezuelan.
Looking back over these bloody months of 2022, these women were killed at the hands of men. On 20 May Maximo Aldana De La Cruz, 54, confessed to the femicide of Noelia Rodriguez, 46, who was hit yesterday in Rimini with 21 stab wounds. On May 11, 91-year-old Miranda Pomini was killed by her 56-year-old son who then committed suicide. It was May 4 when the bodies of Stefania Pivetta, 56, and her 16-year-old daughter Giulia were found lifeless in Samarate (Varese). Her husband Alessandro Maja, 57 years old, killed her. On 3 May, on a beach in Sabaudia, Pietro Ialongo killed his ex Romina De Cesare of 36 who had written a post against violence against women a few days earlier.
Also on May 3 Alice Scagni, 34 years old from Genoa, was killed by her brother Alberto, 42, with 17 stab wounds.
On April 27 Viviana Farolfi, 71, is killed by her husband Alvaro Strocchi, 77, who then slaughters herself in Ravenna. On 26 April Sonia Solinas, 49, was killed by Filippo Ferrari, who then committed suicide, aged 37 in the Novara area. Romina Vento was drowned in the Adda by her companion Carlo Fumagalli on 22 April. In Brianza Fabiola Cornaghi was killed by her 23-year-old son on 21 April. In Rimini, on 23 April, Raffaele Fogliamanzillo, 62, is guilty of the murder of his wife Angela Avitabile. On April 3, 73-year-old Gaetano Notargiacomo is investigated for the death of his 45-year-old wife Inirida Roa Sierra.
After two months of misleading Davide Fontana, Rescaldina, confesses to the murder the Carol Maltesi, 26 years old. On 29 March Viviana Micheluzzi was killed by her husband in Trento with a firearm. On the 23rd Maria BegoƱa Gancedo is stabbed and killed by her son. On March 21 in Reggio Emilia, Tiziana Gatti is killed by her daughter’s partner. On the 15th for the femicide of Naima Zahir her husband is arrested. On the 13th Giuseppe Frigerio, 95, suffocated Alda Pivano with a bag in Genoa, one year younger than him. On the 23rd for the femicide of Anastasia Bondarenko, burned alive, her partner is accused. In Ravenna on the 10th Mario Claudio Cognola, 77 years old, kills his wife Maria Ballardini, 83 years old. On Women’s Day Vincenza Ribecco is killed by her ex-husband in Calabria. Alessandra Frati, 46, was killed by her partner on March 3 in Corsica. On March 1, Alfredo Erra enters a hairdressing salon in the Neapolitan area and shoots her, killing Anna Borsa, 29 years old. Also in the Neapolitan area, the killer of Rosa Alfieri, 24 years old, is caught.
In Biella on January 26, 69-year-old Albertina Creola is killed by her partner. In Rome on January 18 Simona Michelangeli is killed by the ex. On January 16 in Catanzaro a 49-year-old suffocates his wife. Nadia Bergamini, 70, is killed by her son-in-law on her 16th in Latina who smashes her skull. In Livorno on January 9 Franca Franchini, 76 years old, is stabbed to death by her husband. On January 10 in Rovigo a man kills his wife Guglielmina Pasetto, 71, suffocating her.

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Source: Ansa

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