He barricades himself in the house and injures his father, who is stopped by Cc with Taser

Agreement signed between Confindustria Campania and American Chamber (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MONTECOSARO, 09 JUN – In delirium, in all likelihood due to drug abuse, a 50-year-old first damaged furniture and furnishings in the house and then barricaded himself brandishing a cleaver and a kitchen knife with the who threatened to die and then injured his 86-year-old father in the head. It happened during the night in Montecosaro in the Macerata area.

On the spot, the carabinieri of the Montecosaro station and of the Norm of Civitanova who, unsuccessfully tried to persuade the man to desist, entered the bedroom window and then into the kitchen where they blocked the 50-year-old with multiple shots of Taser, the electric gun that for about ten days it has also been used by the police forces of Macerata.

To appease the man’s fury, the military used stinging spray and then the Taser gun; despite a first discharge, the 50-year-old continued to struggle waving the knife with which he managed to slightly wound two carabinieri during the difficult containment phase; for this it was necessary a further discharge of the Taser to block and disarm it. He was immediately sedated by the 118 medical staff and transferred with his father to the Emergency Department of the Civitanova Marche hospital, where they are still being investigated and treated. Both are not life threatening. At home, the military found and confiscated some knives, a cleaver, a brass knuckle, as well as 24 grams of cocaine. The 50-year-old, now guarded by the carabinieri, will then be transferred to the Ancona prison of Montacuto.


Source: Ansa

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