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How to bathe pets: tips for owners

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Many dogs and even cats like water procedures.

Most pets can hardly be called clean. Dust, dirt, parasitic insects, an unpleasant smell of wool – all this forces the owners to periodically organize a bath day for a cat or dog

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In nature, animals can voluntarily or involuntarily bathe in the river or in the rain. But in the conditions of a house or apartment, only the owner can wash your pet

How to bathe your pets
how to wash animals, how often hygiene procedures should be arranged, read in our article.

How often to bathe an animal

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Usually serious bathing for an animal with the use of detergents is arranged 2-3 times a year

Many cats and dogs love to swim / Photo: unsplash

Many cats and dogs love to swim / Photo: unsplash

There is an opinion that dogs love to swim more than cats
. However, each pet’s commitment to water is individual.

However, dogs are more likely to be bathed because they are more on the street
. And cats, by nature, are more clean and regularly arrange hygiene procedures for themselves.

In the cold season, of course, you should not swim. But in the heat, the pet will climb into the pool with pleasure. Just in this case, it is better not to part with soap and shampoos, so as not to wash off protective lubricant
from his fur.

How to bathe pets

For bathing animals, purchase professional cosmetics
– shampoos, soaps, sprays.

If an animal needs treatment for parasites
use a shampoo specially designed for this.

Animals are not suitable for human remedies / Photo: unsplash

Animals are not suitable for human remedies / Photo: unsplash

But human means are not categorically suitable for this
due to different acid-base balance. They can injure the skin, cause allergic reactions, worsen the condition of the coat.

What to bathe animals in

Small animals will fit in the basin / Photo: unsplash

Small animals will fit in the basin / Photo: unsplash

  • Small animals fit in a basin
    but large ones can claim the master’s bathroom
  • The body temperature of animals is higher than human, and therefore it will be comfortable for them to swim in water 35-40 °С
  • Type in a container a small amount of water
    so that the pet can stand in it.
  • Before placing the animal in the bath, adjust the desired water temperature
    and adjust its pressure.
  • Also, before bathing, remove from the bathroom extra items
    for which your pet can catch or knock down.
  • Close the windows in the apartment avoid drafts
  • In advance prepare shampoo and towel
    because then your hands will be busy.

How to teach your pet to bathe

You need to gradually accustom your pet to bathing / Photo: unsplash

You need to gradually accustom your pet to bathing / Photo: unsplash

So that the animal does not experience stress while swimming
, it should be taught gradually, preferably from an early age. It is better to start by washing the paws, for example, after a walk.

It is important that the flow of water or shower didn’t come as a surprise
otherwise the animal will have a panic fear, and you will have scratches or bites on your hands.

How to bathe an animal

Protect your pet's ears and eyes from water / Photo: unsplash

Protect your pet’s ears and eyes from water / Photo: unsplash

  1. Moisten the pet’s coat so that there are no dry patches. At the same time, keep an eye on so that water does not get into the ears, nose and eyes
  2. Apply shampoo in your arms
    and sleep well.
  3. Smoothly rub the product into the coat, stroking and soothing the pet. You can use a soft washcloth. Soak the foam on the animal 2-3 minutes
  4. Make sure that the detergent does not get into the eyes and ears of your pet, and for this wash your hair last
  5. Then wash off the foam, paying attention hard-to-reach places
    – behind the ears, in the groin, armpits.
  6. Important rinse hair well
    and completely remove shampoo residue. To do this, it is convenient to use a shower hose, but with a small pressure of water.
  7. If necessary repeat the procedure
    but do not use a large amount of shampoo.
  8. After bathing, wrap your pet in a towel and dry it. in the direction of hair growth
  9. You can use a hair dryer warm air
    if the animal is not afraid of noise.
  10. After the coat has completely dried comb her

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Source: Segodnya

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