Assisted suicide: Mario will have to bear expenses of 5 thousand euros

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(ANSA) – ANCONA, JUN 09 – Mario, 44 ​​years old, from the Marche region, completely paralyzed for 12 years due to a road accident, is the first person who can legally choose medically assisted suicide in Italy but will have to bear the 5 thousand euros of expenses for the purchase of the drug and infusion equipment. This was reported by the Luca Coscioni Association, which reminds us that “in the absence of a law, the Italian State does not bear the costs of assisting assisted suicide. It does not dispense the drug, it does not provide the appropriate equipment and the doctor”. This is why the Association has launched a fundraiser to help Mario (not his real name).

“In order to finally be able to choose about his own life, ‘Mario’ has to incur an expense of about 5 thousand euros in equipment and drugs. In particular, we need an infusion device that costs 4,147.50 euros”. The proceeds of the donation, the Association specifies, “will allow Mario, when he wishes, and other people in his condition, to exercise the right to choose to put an end to their suffering”. “More than two and a half years after the sentence of the Constitutional Court, in compliance with the constitutional judgment, the task of the National Health Service – declared Marco Cappato and Filomena Gallo, respectively treasurer and national secretary of the Coscioni Association – ends with the verification of the conditions and of the modalities and the opinion of the Ethics Committee. Healthcare companies that respond, if they respond, with very long times, ignoring the suffering of those who ask for access to legally assisted suicide in Italy. Parliament could find a solution, but the text is unsatisfactory and is In order not to put the economic burden on Mario’s shoulders and, for the future, of the sick in his condition – they conclude – we have decided to become promoters of the collection of indispensable funds.

We are thus exercising a real substitute for the inability of the Italian State to take charge of the right of its citizens not to suffer conditions of unbearable suffering and against their will “. (ANSA).

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