Assisted suicide: € 16 thousand collected for Mario in 24 hours

Bat, Palazzetti:

(ANSA) – ANCONA, 10 JUN – The fundraising launched yesterday by the Luca Coscioni Association to help “Mario” (invented name), who has to pay for his assisted suicide, reached 5 thousand in just three hours and at the moment it has exceeded 16 thousand euros, more than triple the necessary starting amount. The Ass. Coscioni.

“Mario”, 44 years old from the Marche region, “for 12 years quadriplegic due to an accident, thanks to donations he now has everything he needs to be able to follow up on his wishes”. “Donations continue to increase, – report Marco Cappato and Filomena Gallo, respectively treasurer and national secretary of the Coscioni Association – we too thank all those who are contributing: every additional resource will be used for other initiatives aimed at promoting legal euthanasia. and respect for end-of-life rights in Italy, including the needs of all future cases that will require the support of the Ass. Coscioni and its legal team “. “Starting with Antonio, who like Fabio Ridolfi (two other Marche citizens struggling with tetraparesis and fighting for assisted suicide; the second has now requested deep sedation due to the delays for the other procedure; ed) is forced to a ‘endless waiting to know the opinion of the Ethics Committee of Asur Marche on the suitability for assisted suicide, but the donations will also be useful for the enhancement of the free service’ White Number on the end of life ‘”, offered by the Ass. Coscioni which aims to “guarantee citizens information otherwise unavailable due to the absence of institutional communication campaigns”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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