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Mafia: Candidate daughters arrested, ‘Vote for our father’

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(ANSA) – PALERMO, 11 JUN – “I wanted to inform you that my father is still a candidate for the Palermo City Council and that on June 12 you can all go and vote for him to really show who he is and that he is not as they defined him. Dad we are with you, we love you “. The daughters of Francesco Lombardo, candidate of FdI to the City Council, arrested together with boss Vincenzo Vella yesterday, for electoral exchange between political and mafia, wrote on Facebook Giulia and Federica Lombardo.

“You know what a person our father is but better refresh your minds, we will never, ever be people like that as you have presented and defined him, always loyal, good people and all the positive adjectives that can be attributed, and people who knows us knows that we are honest people – they add – Our father has always worked honestly, he is in contact with many people because it is part of his work but he has always shared and fought to have a clean world “.

“All the comments seen so far can also be saved because we always speak without knowing and knowing but based on what we read without ascertaining whether it is the truth or not like a mass of sheep. My father and consequently my family was , is and will always be honest, loyal and sincere. Do not place us next to something that we are not and never will be. Before speaking and writing, we must think and count many times “, they conclude. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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