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Elder killed at home: more perpetrators are hypothesized

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Chaos seats in Palermo, Ferrandelli:

(ANSA) – LECCE, June 12 – Donato Montinaro, the 75 year old from Castrì di Lecce found dead yesterday in his home in via Roma, may have been killed by more than one person. The carabinieri who investigate the incident hypothesize. Those who acted, according to investigators, would have done so with premeditation, bringing with them the equipment needed to immobilize the man, electrician clamps and packing tape. After having immobilized him at the table in the room, they would have hooded him by wrapping a sheet around his head and then beat him violently with fists and kicks, especially in his face. The modalities of death lead investigators to speculate that Montinaro was killed for revenge or punishment.

In the house there are no signs of forced entry and for this reason it is also assumed that the man opened the door to his killer.

The autopsy ordered by the prosecutor on duty Maria Consolata Moschettini will be done no earlier than next Tuesday. Only then will it be known whether the 75-year-old died from injuries from the beating or from suffocation. The same magistrate ordered the seizure of the house where the crime took place, entrusting its custody to the mayor. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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