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Dead woman Trieste: husband, immense pain disappeared at 6 months

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Referendum, Casellati to vote in a polling station in Padua (ANSA)

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, June 12 – The loss of Liliana is an “immense pain of a husband who found himself passing, at any moment, from the joy of a splendid and shadowless marriage relationship”, “to tragedy of an unexpected event, the most terrible thing there is for a man in love “. “To date, my pain is more alive than ever and fueled by the lack of knowledge of what happened”. This is what he writes in a letter, delivered to Il Piccolo and published by the newspaper, Sebastiano Visintin, the husband of Liliana Resinovich, the woman who disappeared from home last December 14 and found dead in the greenery of the park of the former psychiatric hospital in the district. San Giovanni on January 5th.

“Almost six months have passed”, he remembers, and it is “a mystery that surrounds the disappearance of my wife, from her wandering around the city first, to the discovery of her body later, which unfortunately has not yet found an answer from the investigating authority and which, due to the leak of news that run outside, is feeding rumors, theses and suppositions “.

Conjectures “of those who are not hesitating to express suspicions who would like to slam me on the front page as the alleged cause of everything (and in part, I must say, it has succeeded in the eyes of national public opinion), but above all they are undermining the figure of my wife, with news that, true or likely, should have confined themselves to the most elegant secrecy “. Clear, underlines the newspaper, the reference also to the details that emerged on the relationship between Liliana and her friend Claudio Sterpin. Visintin now awaits “with confidence that the investigations can be concluded and finally give answers”.


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Source: Ansa

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