‘Mario had to pay 5 thousand euros for assisted suicide’

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While renewing our gratitude for Minister Speranza’s direct interest, we cannot fail to note that the minister seems to be confusing the future with the past. ‘Mario’ has in fact already had to pay out the 5,000 euros, covered by the public fundraising launched by the Luca Coscioni Association. It is therefore not a question of hypothesizing an ‘intervention’ by the Government ‘where it is needed’. If anything, it is a question of implementing compensation and of issue precise directives so that such an episode does not recur“. Thus Filomena Gallo and Marco Cappato dell ‘Luca Coscioni Association they reply to the statements of the Minister of Health in an interview with La Stampa.

“This is what we have been asking the Government for months – they underline -. In the absence of a ministerial circular the regional health services can continue the boycott with impunity of the sentence ‘Cappato Antoniani’ of the Constitutional Court, in force for almost three years without ever having been able to be applied “.

Parliamentary inertia cannot and must not serve as an alibi to disapply the rules in force established by the Council “they insist.” We ask the Minister Roberto Speranza and the Government to take action against the inertia of the Regional Health Authorities through their powers so that no sick person has to wait for the time of Fabio, of ‘Antonio’ who has been waiting for 20 months, of ‘Mario’ who has waited 18 months, to receive the opinions required by the sentence 242/19 of the Constitutional Court “conclude Gallo and Cappato.

Meanwhile, there will be one tonight wakefulness organized by the Municipality of Fermignano (Pesaro Urbino) in Piazza Garibaldi to greet Fabio Ridolfi, the 46-year-old who has decided to undergo deep sedation and continues due to delays in the procedure for medically assisted suicide. Matteo Mainardi, coordinator of the Legal Euthanasia campaign, will participate for the Luca Coscioni Association.

Source: Ansa

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