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Municipal: injurious writings to the new centenarian mayor of the country

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Anti-mafia blitz in Palermo, blow to the district of S. Maria di Gesu '(ANSA)

(ANSA) – NUORO, 14 JUN – Wrongful writings welcomed this morning the new mayor of Perdasdefogu Bruno Chillotti and the municipal councilor Salvatore Mura a few hours before the election to the administration of the town.

“Bruno Chillotti mafia, son of p …” is the inscription at the entrance of the town addressed to the new mayor. In piazza della Longevità, instead, the message dedicated to the councilor Salvatore Mura, the man who sent the documentation to London to obtain the Guinness World Record which saw Perdasdefogu rise to the top of the world for the highest concentration of centenarians.

A message with obscene contents: “They scarred the centenarians and the image of the country – Mura told ANSA – I want to think that it was a girl of not very lucid young people. I am comforted by the fact that yesterday my name appeared in the New York Times whose reporters have come in recent days to interview me and meet our centenarians. I want the country to be linked to important things like this and I will act even more forcefully to revive my community. “

A few hours ago the two administrators filed a complaint at the Carabinieri station in the town. “Perdasdefogu does not deserve this, we are a civilized country accustomed to democratic clashes in all electoral competitions – is the comment of the mayor Chillotti – It is the gesture of some idiot who throws not me but the community in the mud and does not scratch at all our determination to move forward. Only I’m sorry that instead of going to the retirement home as I had foreseen – he concludes – I have to make the first visit to the carabinieri station to denounce this ignoble act “.


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Source: Ansa

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