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    Genoa greets Pericu, mayor who led it to the G8 and to Culture

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    (ANSA) – GENOA, JUN 15 – The coffin wrapped in the flag of Genoa, the banner of the Sardinian Tellus Association and, inside the Boccadasse church, the banners of Genoa and Liguria, with the picket of honor of the police officers local. Genoa greeted Beppe Pericu, mayor for 10 years, from 1997 to 2007, who led the city in many transformations, facing prestigious and at the same time dramatic moments such as the G8, leading it as the European Capital of Culture in 2004, governing overcoming of the hot cycle of steel mills and the new structure of work in port.

    “There is a sense of orphanhood, this is true for many – says his son Andrea -. He was a man who had the aptitude to take on responsibilities in various areas, including the family. Beyond the fortune he had in 2004 and at the G8, which were moments of visibility, my father tried to give a vision for the future of Genoa which still today is the one that the new administration is trying to carry out in part, understanding the vocation of our city. very balanced man, he had the ability to see situations, understanding and listening, and this is the greatest lesson “.

    To give the last farewell to Beppe Pericu many exponents of the Genoese political and business world, such as Tonino Gozzi, patron of Duferco and secretary of the PSI at the time of his candidacy as deputy, the former president of the Liguria Region Claudio Burlando, the mayor Marco Bucci, Ariel Dello Strologo, the governor Giovanni Toti. “He is a mayor who has remained in everyone’s heart – said Bucci – for me he was an example. I remember two main facts of his career. The first, Genoa European Capital of Culture in 2004 with the arrival of so many funds and the ability to knowing how to manage them, which is something similar to what we are experiencing. And then strength in moments of crisis: the mayor must represent the city and show that it is united and strong, he did it with the G8, I did it I did with the bridge. Today we join the whole city, I represent the whole city and I was particularly keen to ensure that it is also a formal ceremony because it is necessary for the city to recognize who has served it for so long “. (HANDLE).

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    Source: Ansa

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