Assisted suicide: equipment delivered to Mario

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(ANSA) – ANCONA, JUNE 16 – Mario (invented name), 44 years old from the Marches quadriplegic for 12 years, after a car accident, the first person in Italy who can legally choose medically assisted suicide, after a legal battle, received the equipment and the drug to carry it out. They were delivered by the Luca Coscioni Association which, thanks to an “extraordinary mobilization”, collected 5 thousand euros in a few hours to help Mario find the equipment. “In the absence of a law – explains the Ass. Coscioni – the Italian State has not taken on the cost of assisting assisted suicide and dispensing the drug despite the fact that the technique is allowed by the Constitutional Court with the Cappato / Dj sentence Fabo “.

“Thank you all – declares” Mario “- for covering the costs of ‘my’ gadget, which I will then leave at the disposal of the Luca Coscioni Association for those who need it after me. Continue to support this fight to be free to choose “.

A press conference has been called at 5 pm in Senigallia (Ancona) with Filomena Gallo and Marco Cappato, respectively secretary and treasurer of the Coscioni Association, at the Raffaello Hotel in Via Filippo Corridoni, 3 or online on Zoom at the link https: // urlsand. webinar% 2Fregister% 2FWN_iBDnr16xQfuHwBLemHnuuQ & e = 96c9a255 & h = 8e58 4bf0 & f = n & p = y (registration required). (HANDLE).

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