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Mafia: coup to Santapaola-Ercolano clan, ordinance for 56

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(ANSA) – SYRACUSE, JUN 16 – On delegation of the Catania District Prosecutor, the Carabinieri del Ros and the provincial command of Syracuse have carried out a precautionary custody order against 56 suspects deemed, with a high degree of probability, to be affiliated with or contiguous to the Santapaola-Ercolano, Caltagirone and Ramacca mafia families and to the Nardo di Lentini clan. The measure was carried out by over 400 soldiers in Catania, Ramacca, Vizzini, Caltagirone and San Michele di Ganzaria, and in three towns in Syracuse: Lentini, Carlentini and Francofonte. The operation, called Agorà, takes stock of the current situation of the Cosa Nostra ‘families’ between Catania and Syracuse. At the time of the Etna investigating judge, the measure was notified, at the moment, to 41 people receiving precautionary measures in prison, and to nine of non-custodial measures.

Those arrested are seriously suspected, with 26 different charges, of mafia association, trafficking and marketing of drugs, numerous aggravated extortions, illicit competition, disturbed freedom of enchantments and fraudulent transfer of assets. All crimes aggravated by the mafia method and purpose. At the same time, a preventive seizure decree of assets was also notified, for a value of 10 million euros, for nine companies active in the construction, logistics and cemetery services sectors as well as assets and current accounts attributable to them.

Also seized 108 kg of marijuana, 2.6 kg of cocaine and 57 kg of hashish. The statements of 16 justice collaborators contributed to the investigations. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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