Cassation reintegrates worker after excesses for light paychecks

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 17 – No dismissal for the metalworker who discovers that the company pays him less than other employees of the same level and reacts, upon discovering the document that proves the ‘crime’, waving it under the hood of the colleagues and indulging in screams and phrases of “blame” and “criticism” towards the employer. To reject the appeal of the company that wanted to make the worker lose his job is the Supreme Court which confirmed the right of the worker to keep his job. Or, alternatively, to receive five months of the last salary in the event that the employer does not want to reinstate him, after the dismissal inflicted on him in 2017 – “for having degenerated into screams and blame” – and ratified in by the Court of Genoa. Unsuccessfully, the company protested in front of the Supreme Court. In the opinion of the magistrates of the second degree, ‘validated’ by the opinion of the Supreme Court, it could not be considered as a serious fact “a single episode consisting essentially of verbal excesses resulting from the discovery of being treated in a worse way than the other employees” and that ” it did not cause any further consequences as it did not lead to de facto events, nor did it cause any damage to society “.

EMBED START Image {id: “editor_0”} Exterior of the Palazzo di Giustizia, seat of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Rome 29 January 2021.

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