Drought: if it does not rain, rice fields at risk from July

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(ANSA) – TURIN, 18 JUN – Without rain and adequate measures, the Vercelli rice fields will be at risk “from the first week of July”. “Everything revolves around three factors: rainfall, the release of water from mountain basins and an exception to the minimum vital flow of rivers. Unfortunately for rice we do not have a plan B”, says Benedetto Coppo, president of Confagricoltura Vercelli and Biella. In a period of the year where the rice fields should be flooded in recent days, it has been repeated several times that the situation of water suffering is very high. This was underlined by Coldiretti Novara and Vco (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola), after being reported by East Sesia, the largest irrigation and reclamation consortium in Italy: 200 employees, a main branch in Lomellina and in the Oltrepò Pavese for an area of ​​334,505 hectares of which 44.6% in Piedmont and 55.4% in Lombardy.

“In the lower part of the Vercelli area, if we fail to submerge within the next week, several tens of hectares of rice fields could be compromised”. This is the comment on the drought by Stefano Bondesan, president of Ovest Sesia (ANSA).

Source: Ansa

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