End of life: mother Mario, proud of him, taught me life

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(ANSA) – ANCONA, 18 JUN – “I am very proud of my son and his father would have been too. He taught me about life. These 13 years have been quite tough. The path he has chosen, to reach this conclusion of his life, it’s because unfortunately he can’t take it anymore. It was a hard choice both for him and for me and for all those who were close to him “. Federico Carboni’s mother, Mario, the first Italian to have had access to medically assisted suicide, Rosa Maria, told in a video, entrusted to the Luca Coscioni Association, the 13 years she lived next to her son after the accident that caused him made quadriplegic, including the reaction to Federico’s decision to put an end to his suffering through the use of assisted suicide, even if “in the beginning it was very hard to accept it, because on the spot when he told me, as a mother, it breaks you the heart, but with the passing of time, the pain and suffering increased.

I understand his decision, quite cruel, but it is a very difficult life for him. It’s a very strong pain, both for him and for me. “

“The ordeal, between the physical pain and the long judicial process due to the indifference of politics, which Federico and his mother have had to endure is no longer acceptable”, comments the lawyer Filomena Gallo, defender and coordinator of Federico’s legal board. ‘Mario’ and secretary of the Luca Coscioni Association. “We lived it together with the Carboni family and until the arrival of a good law we will use all our energy to defend the rights of other sick people who want respect for their choices and their families – he adds -. Today the current text needs to be amended. of the law under discussion in the Senate. The requirement of life support, in the light of the irreversible pathology, must be an eventual but not necessary requirement, all discrimination between patients who want to choose on their end of life must be eliminated and certain times must be introduced and binding for the procedures. Only in this way would we have a useful and just law. In the current version it will instead force sick people to go to the courts again “. (HANDLE).

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