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Farmer killed in the countryside of southern Sardinia

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Malagrotta, committees protest at the Capitol:

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 21 JUN – A 59-year-old farmer was killed this evening in the countryside of Gergei, in southern Sardinia.

The man, apparently, would have had an argument while he was inside his land in the locality of Sant’Isidoro, at the end of which he would have been attacked and hit repeatedly. Those responsible would then have fled the area.

The body was discovered around 9 pm. The 118 doctors, the carabinieri and then the magistrate on duty and the coroner arrived on the spot. The soldiers of the Gergei Station and the Isili Company are now working to reconstruct the last hours of the 59-year-old’s life. They would have already taken a very specific lead: some people who knew the victim were taken to the barracks to be heard. The body was discovered around 21, the doctors of 118 intervened on the spot together with the carabinieri who could not help but ascertain the death. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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