Awards: ‘Metropolis faces’, Milan plural wins

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(ANSA) – MILAN, JUN 21 – Marilisa D’Amico, professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Milan, Giuseppe Guzzetti, president emeritus of the Cariplo Foundation, Gianna Martinengo, founder of the ‘Women and Technologies’ association, the journalist and writer Filippo Grassia, the painter Patrizia Comand, the writer Giovanna Ferrante and the astrophysicist Simonetta Di Pippo. These are the seven personalities who have won the ‘Faces of the metropolis’ award.

The award will be delivered on Friday at 10.30 at Palazzo Marino, the seat of the Municipality of Milan.

The award, established by the Regional Association of the Apulians of Milan in collaboration with the presidency of the municipal council of the capital, symbolically depicts a jagged sphere with “the various faces of the city’s excellence and their plurality”.

“This recognition – says the president of the Apulian Regional Association, General Camillo de Milato – returns after a year of stop imposed by the pandemic and is dedicated by the largest city community, the Apulian one, to the Milanese and Lombard excellences who built and made today’s Milan great and that they are able, with their genius and dedication, to design that of the future in the name of hospitality, solidarity and innovation “.

“It is a pleasure for the administration to host again at Palazzo Marino ‘Faces of the metropolis’ and the regional association of the Apulians of Milan – underlines the president of the municipal council, Elena Buscemi – the activism and civic sense of the association and its president de Milato, the sensitivity and attention shown for the city and for the commitment of the citizens are a testimony of great love for Milan “. (HANDLE).

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