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“The pizza to the people”, in Naples anti-Briatore crowd bath

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Works, Lo Russo:

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 21 JUN – Crowd, at the historic pizzeria Sorbillo ai Tribunali, for the response of Neapolitan pizza chefs to what they call Flavio Briatore’s “provocation”: “you say that if pizza is cheap, it’s not good? Here, we do it this way and the ingredients are these: taste it and tell me how it is “, Gino Sorbillo launches the challenge, surrounded by journalists, photographers and the usual hundreds of people who queue in front of his restaurant in the historic center every day. of Naples.

For which, today, there is a surprise: free pizza and further discounted prices for those who, after the event, will find a table inside.

“It’s a stupid controversy”, Sorbillo cuts short. “Pizza was born as a popular dish and must remain so. We like to work with the people and please everyone, children, the unemployed, professionals and retirees. In front of a pizza they are all the same and everyone must be able to afford it”.

Shoulder of the pizza maker, and actually the creator of the initiative, is the regional councilor and president of the Agriculture Commission of Campania, Francesco Emilio Borrelli. “Pizza was born as a ‘poor’ dish, within everyone’s reach, but healthy and genuine – he says – and we want it to remain so. Briatore with his ways has offended those who have made this product great and exported all over the world and billions of users who feed themselves at popular prices every year “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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