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Maturity 2022, the traces of the first test: Pascoli and Segre, Verga’s story and speech by the Nobel Parisi

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Maturity at the start. Understanding and analysis and interpretation of a poem from Myricae’s Giovanni Pascoli “The via ferrata” and for the analysis of a argumentative textThe only fault of being born “by Gherardo Colombo and Liliana Segre: these two of the tracce proposed to the boys who take the written test of Italian.

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A short story by Giovanni Verga “Nedda, Sicilian sketch” is another of the traces given by the Ministry of Education to high school students. And again, a speech delivered in the Chamber by Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize in Physics 2021. Parisi’s speech concerns climate change. “Humanity must make essential choices”, warns the Nobel Prize, who envisions possible, dramatic scenarios, underlining the need for urgent political interventions. The student must answer a series of questions and express their opinions on the subject.

“Keep it on: post comment share without turning off the brain”, is the track concerning thehyperconnectiona reflection starting from a text by Vera Gheno and Bruno Mastroianni.

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Still there understanding and analysis of a text from Oliver Sacks “Musicofilia”. It also asks for a reasoning about the power that music has on human beings.

There pandemic enters the maturity exam thanks to the type C which concerns current events. In fact, a text taken from Luigi Ferrajoli “Why a Constitution of the Earth?”. The student is invited to reflect on the text and produce a paper. “I am pleasantly surprised, I just heard from a friend. We take seriously the promises to face the new global challenges by refounding the UN. I believe that this proposal must become part of the public debate in this critical moment and it can. also in this way “: so the jurist Luigi Ferrajoli has commented on the quotation of his text among the traces of maturity. “What I have written and proposed is not utopia and in the long term it may be achievable, it depends on politics”, she added.

“Girls and boys, here we are! The # Maturity2022 has started. Good work to everyone and everyone!”, Wrote the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi on twitter next to a photo in which appears in the act of publishing the electronic key with which the schools in these minutes were able to decrypt the titles of the first written test.

Beyond 500 thousand graduates in the exam, seven tracks of three different types: analysis and interpretation of the literary text, analysis and production of an argumentative text, critical reflection of an expository-argumentative nature on topical issues. The children have 6 hours at their disposal. 96.2% of the candidates were admitted to the exams.

This year the commissions are 13,703, for a total of 27,319 classes involved.

The 2022 baccalaureate exam sees the obligation to wear the mask drop: the latter is only recommended, in particular in some circumstances such as, for example, the impossibility of guaranteeing interpersonal distancing of at least one meter.

Source: Ansa

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