Maturity: tomorrow the second test prepared by the institutes

Great Britain paralyzed by the transport strike (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 22 – Tomorrow, June 23, the second written test of the high school leaving examination will take place, different for each course, which will cover one of the disciplines that characterize the course of study. This year the test will be prepared by the individual institutes, which will thus be able to take into account what is actually done by the children during the school year, also in consideration of the pandemic emergency.

The duration of the second written test varies from address to address; it goes from the test in a single day, generally lasting 6 hours (but there are reference frameworks that can also include a duration of 4 hours or a maximum of 8 hours), to the artistic high school test which lasts 3 days (6 hours a day). In the music and dance high schools the test lasts two or more days, and includes a written / theoretical part and a performative part.

By today the teachers who teach the subject of the second paper, and who are part of the examination committees of each school, will have to elaborate three proposals for tracks on the basis of the information contained in the documents prepared by the class councils.

Among these proposals will be drawn, tomorrow, the day of the test, the track that will be carried out by all the classes involved.

The test takes place in written, graphic or written-graphic, practical, compositional / executive musical and choreutic form, has as its object one or more disciplines characterizing the course of study and is intended to ascertain the knowledge, skills and competences expected from the educational, cultural and professional profile of the student of the specific address. (HANDLE).

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