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Headless corpse found on the Forlì Apennines

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(ANSA) – FORLÌ, 23 JUN – A headless corpse was found last night in the Forlì Apennines. It is the body of Franco Severi, a 55-year-old farmer, who lived not far from the place where it was found, on a cliff at Ca ‘Seggio in Civitella di Romagna. At the moment, despite having fought the whole inaccessible area, the victim’s head would not have been found. No agricultural vehicle was found near the body, due to a possible hypothesis of an accident at work. At a first summary reconnaissance on the corpse, the death would date back to 24-48 hours ago. An autopsy has been ordered.

To make the macabre discovery, around 21.30 last night, an acquaintance, after the man did not show up for an appointment and did not answer the phone. The friend, after having knocked and called in a loud voice, noticing some loose grass near a nearby deep cliff, would have approached to discover, about halfway down the steep descent, the lifeless body blocked by brambles.

On site, in addition to the 118 health personnel, also carabinieri, firefighters and the magistrate on duty to coordinate the investigations.

Severi’s body may have been thrown into the cliff following his death, a thesis that would be supported by the lack of congealed blood next to the corpse. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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