Shock questionnaire on the disabled, Nettuno stops distribution

“From zero to four how ashamed are you of your family member? How resentful do you feel towards him? How uncomfortable are you when you have friends in the house?”. These are the questions contained in a questionnaire that the municipality of Nettuno submits to families who have dependent people with disabilities. This was revealed by the local press and the Repubblica website.

The applications are part of a form that families must fill in to obtain funds from the Lazio Region. According to the intentions of those who formulated the questions, the questionnaire should detect the commitment and stress of those who look after people with disabilities, the so-called caregivers, and must be accompanied by the ISEE by the end of the month. But many citizens who have found themselves forced to answer those questions are also protesting on social media.

“The Municipality of Nettuno immediately suspended the administration of the questionnaire for an in-depth analysis with the competent Department of the Lazio Region”. The same Municipality of Nettuno makes it known in a note in reference to the questionnaire. “The questionnaire on caregivers included in the regional guidelines and used by other municipalities in the region as well as in other regions of Italy – explains the municipality – was received by the territorial socio-health district before being submitted to families. The questionnaire is a scientific tool indicated by a regional council resolution among the possible tools to be used by the Municipalities and consists of a simple but effective self-assessment method (subjective perception of stress), referring to five different aspects of the family caregiver condition: objective, psychological load , physical, social and emotional (subjective perception). The aim is to identify suitable support measures for the families concerned “.

Source: Ansa

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