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    June 24, 2022: what a holiday today, what not to do, name day and signs

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    International Fairy Day – what other significant dates and important events in the history of Ukraine and the world are celebrated on June 24.


    June 24: what holiday is today / Photo: Unsplash

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    What is the national and Orthodox holiday for Ukrainians on June 24, 2022? Who celebrates their birthdays? In addition, we talk about international, national and state holidays, important events that have taken place in history, as well as the main signs of this day.

    What day is today, June 24

    • International Fairy Day
      – Initially, the holiday began to be celebrated in European countries in honor of folklore magical fairy-tale creatures.

    Birthdays June 24

    Angel Day is celebrated today: Barnabas, Ephraim and Mary.

    What is the church holiday today

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    For Catholics, June 24 is the Nativity of John the Baptist – the holiday is set to commemorate the birth of John the Baptist and the events described in the Gospel of Luke.

    Icon of the Mother of God Worthy to eat

    Icon of the Mother of God Worthy to eat / Photo: Pinterest

    On June 24, the memory of the Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas is honored in the Orthodox Church. Celebration of the icon of the Mother of God “It is worthy to eat” (“Merciful”).

    Folk holiday

    Saint Barnabas was honored by the people on June 24. People believed that at the very noon of the day of Barnabas, an unclean force is activated, which divides the spheres of influence on people among themselves.

    Signs for June 24

    • on Barnabas in no case should you tear the grass;
    • on this day, evil spirits tangle clamps and reins;
    • on Barnabas, demons frighten people and poison the grass.

    Interesting and important events in Ukraine and the world on June 24

    • 1934 – the Ukrainian capital was moved from Kharkov to Kyiv.
    • 1941 – the Soviet Information Bureau was created, which gave a summary of military operations.
    • 1947 – the first official report of a UFO appeared.
    • 1990 – the last concert of Viktor Tsoi and the Kino group took place.

    Who was born on June 24

    • 1860 – Theophilus Yanovsky, Ukrainian physician and philanthropist.
    • 1888 – Nikolai Smolich, Soviet Ukrainian actor and director.
    • 1974 – Olga Leontievna Mikitenko, Ukrainian soprano.
    • 1987 – Lionel Messi, Argentine footballer, top scorer of Barcelona.

    Earlier we published the lunar calendar for June 2022: favorable and dangerous days. You can also look at the Orthodox calendar for June 2022 to find out what church holidays and fasts are celebrated.


    Source: Segodnya

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