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Gualteri, Malagrotta closure paid with enormous costs

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M5s, Conte arrives at the Forum hotel to meet Beppe Grillo (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, June 27 – With the closure of the Malagrotta landfill, Rome found itself facing “enormous, gigantic costs”. To say it, in an interview with Report that will be broadcast this evening, is the mayor of the capital, Roberto Gualtieri. “The costs of the waste of citizens’ resources – he says – that have been thrown away to pay a very high price for sending our waste around, are very high costs”. “Not having its own plants – underlines the mayor -, Rome must constantly negotiate to find who takes our waste at very high prices, and therefore from time to time find solutions that are however precarious”.

Speaking of his arrival at the Capitol nine months ago, Gualtieri said he found “an unsustainable situation and I would like to say shameful, unacceptable, not only because the city is dirty, but because the whole system is on the verge of constant collapse. “. “The last installations that have been made in Rome – he adds – date back to 2001 made by the commissioner for the Jubilee”. On the presence of wild boars in the city and on swine fever, the mayor affirms that “surely in Rome the fact of having had the city dirty for a long time, this has produced an aggravating circumstance, then there is also a characteristic of Rome which is a city ​​with greenery, it is a unique city from this point of view, it has parks that reach the inside of the city “.

Finally, on the waste-to-energy issue, the mayor announces that the area has not yet been decided, but it will also be in “industrial areas, therefore not close to inhabited centers”.

“We will announce the place where this will be as well as the other plants when we have completed the preliminary work”, he concludes. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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