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From Radioimmaginaria a podcast for Chiara, killed at 16

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, June 27 – It’s called ‘The Arch of Chiara’ and it’s the podcast that Radioimmaginaria, the radio for teenagers, produced for Rai Play Sound to tell the story of Chiara Gualzetti, the sixteen year old teenager, killed exactly one year ago, on June 27, by a peer in the province of Bologna. The boy, younger than her, at the end of an interrogation confessed to her crime, explaining that he had killed her because “pushed by a demonic force”. The trial, at the juvenile court, began in April this year, with the defense requesting the shortened procedure conditional on a new psychiatric report.

“Our goal is not to look for new clues – explain the Radioimmaginaria speakers – but to tell the dangers that are hidden in a certain false normality that we adolescents live on and off social networks every day”. The podcast, which among other things will be presented tonight in Monteveglio, is hosted by Marco, Sassa and Libera. The three speakers worked on it for four months, talking every day with Chiara’s parents, with friends and experts.

“This initiative is important for us because it is a way to remember our daughter – said Giusi and Vincenzo Gualzetti – and to warn young people about the dangers that may exist around them”.

The podcast is divided into 7 episodes lasting about 30 minutes each. The first today, June 27, on Rai Play Sound.


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Source: Ansa

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