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New Moon June 29, 2022: what not to do on this day

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Tomorrow’s new moon can make people plunge into their inner world.

New Moon June 29-2022: what is interesting and what not to do / Photo: Unsplash, Collage: Today

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Tomorrow, June 29, will be first summer new moon in 2022
. What is interesting about this day, what features and dangers lurk in it, what you can do, and what is better not to do in this phase of the moon in order to avoid trouble, find out in our article.

Features of the new moon June 29

The new moon will pass June 29 at 5:53
Kyiv time at the junction of the 30th and 1st lunar days, under the sign of the zodiac Cancer.

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New moon
– this is the phase when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun almost on the same straight line with them. During the new moon, the Earth’s satellite is not visible in the sky.

Astrologers call the period of the new moon very important in people’s lives, because at this time there is setting goals and objectives for the future
. And this is also a favorable period for accumulating strength for new achievements and important things.

new moon coming in the sign Cancer
, can seriously affect the life, behavior and well-being of people. Cancer can make people more sensitive and vulnerable. There will be a need to immerse yourself in your inner world, and personal experiences will become more important than the events of the external world.

In the days of Cancer, it is desirable to provide yourself cozy and comfortable environment
, for example, to clean up the workplace or create comfort in the house. This will not prevent you from immersing yourself in your inner world, which becomes bright and colorful.

What not to do during the new moon on June 29

  • In the days of Cancer, the mood becomes unstable, and there is no stability in behavior – therefore it is important do not rush to act
    without thinking and not calculating everything in advance.
  • During this period it is better not make responsible decisions
    so that you don’t regret it later.
  • In the days of Cancer it is impossible to take risks
    or make unjustified sacrifices.
  • Not worth it lend money
    because it will take a long time to return.
  • You should free yourself for this period from heavy physical exertion
  • On the day of the new moon is better refrain from any undertakings
    . This is the time of plans, making wishes, preparation and accumulation of strength. But the implementation of the plan can be started after a couple of days.
  • Also, on the new moon, you should not be discouraged, to quarrel, to wish someone harm
    because all the negativity coming from you can come back to you.

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Source: Segodnya

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