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School: Intercultura, 30% Italians would welcome foreign students

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Opening your home to the world: 3 out of 10 Italians say they are willing to live an international intercultural experience, welcoming a foreign student into their home. This is what emerges from an Ipsos survey promoted by Interculture. Despite the difficult historical and economic moment “30% of the interviewees say they are open to the idea of ​​hosting for a period, up to an entire school year, a teenager from one of the 60 countries around the world where Intercultura develops its programs “.
The main reasons that would push a family to host are linked, according to what emerges from the survey, to a “strong desire for openness, probably also due to the forced closure – physical and mental – that we have experienced in recent months: for 40 % because it is a moment of confrontation and cultural exchange – explains a note from Intercultura -, for 16% to make their children live an experience of mutual exchange, for 12% to improve the knowledge of a foreign language, for the ‘11% because the welcoming experience could be a stimulus for growth for their children. An interesting response from 15% of those interviewed who saw the “patriotic” possibility of making our culture and traditions known and disseminated “.
“A greater knowledge of Italy and an appreciation of our culture are clearly found in the foreign Intercultura children who are preparing to leave Italy at the end of a year or six months inserted in a family and in a school in our country”, it states.
The interviews that Intercultura conducted independently during the last training meeting “confirm this ‘falling in love’ with our culture and our lifestyle.
Indeed 2 out of 3 foreign children (62%) among the 165 who replied to the internal Intercultura questionnaire they say they want to return to Italy soon: 49% to continue their studies by going to a university in our area, 16% to work and 13% to spend the “gap year” “.
But what did these young people from our country appreciate most? “First of all, the family that hosted them – explains Intercultura – like real children. With the Italian” mom “and” dad “the students have had the opportunity, over the course of all these months, to develop a relationship close, based on feelings of affection, comparison and dialogue to grow together, learn about a new culture and relate to it “. Of the Italian school, “one in two says that what they appreciated most are their classmates, which is good because it means that these adolescents from a foreign land have contributed to the growth of the germ of internationalization in their Italian peers; 9% particularly loved our much mistreated professors, who were able to follow them with patience and competence “. Space also for music. 40% remained “bewitched by the Maneskin, followed by Blanco (13%). But there are also preferences for Gianni Morandi (formerly the host father of a Thai student), Vasco Rossi and for the great and unforgettable Fabrizio De Andrè”. And the kitchen? “Anything, from arancino to pizzoccheri, from pizza to homemade focaccia, the important thing, in this virtual gastronomic virtual journey in our Peninsula, is that it was cooked together with your host family”.

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