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The lift falls, the three injured remain with a reserved prognosis

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(ANSA) – PALERMO, 01 JUL – The three people who were in the lift that crashed from the fifth floor of a building in Largo Vincenzo Balistreri in Palermo are hospitalized with a reserved prognosis, but would not be in danger of life.

The conditions of the Reset worker Vincenzo Rizzuto, 65, are serious. The man who takes care of the maintenance of the green in the second district had been transported by the 118 health workers to Buccheri La Ferla. Here he was stabilized and then transferred to the Trauma Center of Villa Sofia. He has numerous fractures and will have to undergo some surgeries. Conditions are critical, but he shouldn’t be life threatening.

Salvina Romeo, 54, Rizzuto’s sister-in-law, hospitalized at the Polyclinic, was operated on and is in intensive care.

Fractures were reduced during surgery. Rizzuto’s wife, Nunzia Romeo, 59, is hospitalized in the Civic hospital in orthopedics. She also has several fractures, but she would not be life threatening.

The police investigate the incident. The documentation on the installation of the lift and the maintenance that had to be carried out are being verified. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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