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Restored ancient wooden crucifix of the Ragusa cathedral

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Myanmar, the prison where leader Aung San Suu Ky was held (ANSA)

(ANSA) – RAGUSA, 02 JUL – It had been placed decades ago in the chapter house. But no one thought that he was hiding such a relevant artistic secret. It is the ancient wooden crucifix of the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista in Ragusa which will be presented on Monday at 8 pm in the presence of the bishop of Ragusa, Monsignor Giuseppe La Placa, di Giorgio Assenza, president of the college of deputies questori all’Ars, by Antonino De Marco, superintendent of cultural heritage of Ragusa, of Giuseppe Cassì, mayor of Ragusa, of don Giuseppe Antoci, director of the cultural heritage office of the diocese of Ragusa, of Sebastiano Patanè, restorer, and representatives of the Giuseppe Rosso company.

The restoration was made possible thanks to the contribution of the CEI 8xmille, Ars, of the Rosso company for the diagnostic investigations of the Crucifix. “The particularity – says Burrafato – is linked to the very high sculptural and plastic quality, which, according to scholars, dates back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, therefore a pre-earthquake era”. And the restorer Patanè adds: “During the preliminary operations, after we had been entrusted with the task of restoring the Crucifix, we realized that something was wrong. It was five meters high and, after the investigation stratigraphic, we have ascertained that, under a layer of plaster, there was another crucifix, in wood, very particular. In agreement with the Superintendency and with the cultural heritage office of the diocese, we started the restoration by discovering a very rare work from a stylistic point of view.

We are still continuing to investigate with the hope that other interesting discoveries can be made. In the meantime, on Monday we will communicate what interventions have been made and what we expect for the future “. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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