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    Covid: Toti, just limitations do not serve the country

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    Drought, the great heat puts the Colfiorito swamp at risk (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – GENOA, 02 JUL – “Covid has returned to circulate, but it does not have the same effects as two years ago. Today there are far fewer patients in our hospitals, in Liguria only 30% are really hospitalized for the virus , 70% enter the hospital for other reasons and then discover that they are positive and asymptomatic with routine tampons and are classified as a covid patient. It is time to change the approach to covid: the Government re-sets the rules, which no longer correspond to reality “. This was stated by the president of the Liguria Region and councilor for health Giovanni Toti.

    “The infections are increasing – adds Toti – however it is not the same disease we have known. Today we observe a widespread but less severe phenomenon. The vaccination campaign, up to the fourth dose for the over 80 and the most fragile people, effectively protects not so much from contagions but from the risk of complications. I therefore believe that it is time to start treating Covid differently, both in the hospital organization and in the daily cataloging and in the quarantine regime, also emerging from this ‘obsession’ with tampons. This is the time to do it, at the beginning of a summer marked by the will to live and the recovery of tourism and the economy. Today we continue to consider it as a more dangerous disease than it really is, with hospitals running of the virus and therefore less effective in responding to other diseases, limitations in many areas of healthcare, a system of tampons that churns out thousands of asymptomatic infected, co locked in the house for days. I say this having never minimized the problem and having also taken drastic closure measures in the past, when necessary. The government should take care of all this: continuing to keep the helmet on when the enemy on the horizon is much less fearful – he concludes – I believe it determines limitations that the country does not need “. (ANSA).

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    Source: Ansa

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