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Pope: a Christian recognizes himself if he brings peace

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(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, 03 JUL – The Christian’s “distinctive sign” is to bring peace. The Pope said this in the homily of the Mass at St. Peter’s celebrated for the Congolese after the postponement of his trip to Africa due to knee pain.

“The Christian is the bearer of peace, because Christ is peace.

From this we recognize if we are his. If, on the other hand, we spread gossip and suspicion, we create divisions, we hinder communion, we put our belonging before everything, we do not act in the name of Jesus. his peace.

Today, dear brothers and sisters, let us pray for peace and reconciliation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, so wounded and exploited “, he told the Congolese.

The Pope also stressed that a Christian must be “peaceful” and this does not mean being “naive”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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