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Toti, Covid data wrong, surreal summer debate

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(ANSA) – GENOA, 03 JUL – On Covid “I witness a surreal summer debate, based on incorrect data. And any reasoning based on incorrect data can only lead to incorrect conclusions. Almost as if someone, already tired of being under the umbrella, he hoped to return to the age of masks also on the shoreline “. The president of Liguria and Italy in the Center, Giovanni Toti on social media writes it. “Does Covid circulate a lot among us? Certainly yes. Does this have a proportionate effect on hospital admissions? No. The data that alarm Italians every evening – Toti emphasizes – are wrong data. Or rather, collected with methods of other times. Since Covid circulates, it is obvious that even those hospitalized are present but out of every 10 hospitalized with the virus only 3 go to the emergency room for symptoms of the virus. The other 7, which our statistics record as Covid patients, are people who go to hospital for anything else: car or home accidents, heart problems, other infections, general surgery problems – nothing to do with virus pneumonia.

However, as they are swabed upon entering the hospital, they discover they are positive and become Covid patients.

You understand that this way of collecting data falsifies all reasoning, both on the danger of the disease and on the hospital organization. Since the rules still in force force us to open Covid departments according to the number of hospitalized – Toti recalls -, we will soon be forced to reopen these departments in which, however, we will hospitalize patients who need completely different care. A sort of ‘Covid ghetto’ for citizens with Covid, but hospitalized for something else “. Toti wonders if” it seems normal to you that there is discussion about outdoor masks and not about the fact that the data used and disseminated on the pandemic are inconsistent with the situation? The government changes these absurd rules. As for Liguria – he concludes – tomorrow I will bring together our health care and I will ask to transmit at least the double data: those of the hospitalized according to the rules of the Government and those who are really in hospital for Covid. So at least we will understand each other, waiting for someone to strike a blow in Rome “. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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