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Clashes occurred near Poroshenko’s house because of Medvedchuk’s tapes (video)

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The day before, there were recordings of the conversation of Putin’s godfather, in which he mentioned the fifth president of Ukraine – the activists went to a showdown

Activists tried to break into Poroshenko’s house. Collage “Today”

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After the appearance of new “Medvedchuk tapes”, which allegedly featured the fifth president of Ukraine, activists came to the house of Petro Poroshenko in Kozyn near Kiev to demand an explanation.

The corresponding video of the clashes was published on Facebook by the People’s Deputy from the “European Solidarity” Irina Gerashchenko.

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According to her, activists began to break into Poroshenko’s house.

The fifth president was defended by his supporters – young people of strong constitution. A large number of law enforcement officers also arrived at the scene of the protest. At some point, violent clashes began between the opposing sides, law enforcement officers went into action – there was a big crush.

The activists noted that they came to Poroshenko to demand an explanation of how he is connected with Medvedchuk and whether he helped finance the militants of the so-called. “L / DNR”.

The police in the Kiev region reported that a peaceful rally was planned by two public organizations with different points of view on political events in the country. However, the protesters tried several times to start a brawl, which the police repeatedly stopped.

At the scene, public order was ensured by over 60 employees of the Obukhiv District Police Department, Dialogue Police and Special Forces.

Because of what the showdown began under the house of Poroshenko

  • On October 8, at a briefing, Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and SBU head Ivan Bakanov released recordings of Medvedchuk’s conversations with Russian officials who discussed a scheme to sponsor militants in ORDLO through a Ukrainian bank.
  • Putin’s godfather has repeatedly mentioned the so-called. “our main”, “leader”, and then directly said “Peter Alekseevich”. It was about the fact that all the machinations were done with the permission of the then president.
  • At the request of journalists, the Prosecutor General and the head of the SBU did not mention the names of Poroshenko and did not talk about his possible involvement in Medvedchuk’s schemes. At the same time, Putin’s godfather himself was announced about a new suspicion of treason and the financing of terrorism.

Recall that Bihus.info published one of the latest recordings in May. According to the May 17 entry, Medvedchuk regularly communicated with Poroshenko.

On May 24, the wiretap talked about how Medvedchuk got the pipeline. On the record, the People’s Deputy mentioned the “chief” (possibly, it was about Poroshenko).


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