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Peak Caronte, thunderstorms and thermal drop in the middle of the week

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(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 04 – Italy continues to deal with Charon, the African anticyclone that for days has kept Italy under a cloak of heat, but during the week things could change rapidly. Between the evening of Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 July, the descent of cooler currents from north-eastern Europe will cause a real reversal on the weather front, with a drop in temperatures of up to 10 degrees. These are the predictions of Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site www.iLMeteo.it.

Today’s day will still be spent under the banner of great heat with temperatures well above the climatic averages with maximum peaks above 35 ° C, especially in the Po Valley, on the inland areas of the two major islands (here it could even exceed 40 ° C ) and on part of the Center (39 ° C in Florence and Rome).

Between the afternoon and the evening, thunderstorms are expected over the Alps and the nearby plains of Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto. But a marked change is expected between Wednesday and Thursday due to the descent of cooler currents from north-eastern Europe. Given the strong thermal contrasts between the pre-existing red-hot air and the new decidedly cooler one, the experts do not exclude “the risk of phenomena even of high intensity with the possibility of local hailstorms and gusts of wind first in the Northern regions; then I enter Friday on the Central-Southern regions, with thunderstorms, even of strong intensity “. Temperatures will drop significantly with a drop of up to 10 degrees.

IN DETAIL Monday 4. In the North: thunderstorms on the Alps and Prealps in possible extension to the plains. In the Center: all sun and very hot climate with peaks up to 38-39 degrees in Rome and Florence. In the South: Charon always present, hot thermal values.

Tuesday 5. In the North, showers on the eastern and local Alpine sectors in the plains. In the center, all sun and always hot weather, 37 degrees in Rome. In the South, good weather prevails, stable and sunny.

Wednesday 6. In the North, alternation between clouds and bright spells in a context that is always dry. It tends to get worse between the late evening and the next night. In the center: good weather prevalent. In the South: Ample sunshine. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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