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He barricades himself in the house and sets fire to the apartment, arrested

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Ansa Live at 8 (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, 06 JUL – He barricaded himself at home, set fire to the apartment and, when the carabinieri arrived, he threw himself at them with kicks and punches.

For this reason, the soldiers of the Biassono Station (Monza and Brianza) arrested a 33-year-old Albanian in the act of crime on charges of fire, violence and resistance to a public official.

Yesterday residents of a condominium in Macherio had warned the Operational Center of the Monza Company, reporting a strong smell of smoke coming from an apartment. More police patrols went to the site and found the door barred with the man shouting that he had set the apartment on fire with gasoline and wanted to kill everyone.

When they convinced him to open he resisted to escape, attacking the carabinieri who managed to block him.

The military, with the building’s fire extinguishers, managed to put out the fire before it spread to other houses and to accompany the condominiums (about twenty families) outside.

The Monza firefighters have finally put out the flames which had now completely destroyed the apartment. Two carabinieri were transported to the San Gerardo hospital in Monza due to the smoke they breathed.

The Judicial Authority, in the course of the direct rite, validated the arrest and applied pre-trial detention in prison. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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