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Grillo: new texts parade at the rape trial

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Ukraine, Lavrov:

(ANSA) – TEMPIO PAUSANIA, JUL 06 – A new hearing begins in the trial for group sexual violence against two girls that sees the accused Ciro Grillo, son of Beppe, and three of his Genoese friends, Francesco Corsiglia, Edoardo Capitta and Vittorio Lauria, who is being celebrated at the Tribunal of Tempio Pausania.

Today before the Court presided over by Judge Marco Contu, alongside Nicola Bonante and Marcella Pinna, other witnesses will appear called to testify by the prosecutor Gregorio Capasso. None of the accused is in the courtroom.

Awaiting the deposition of the lieutenant of the carabinieri Cristina Solomita, of the Compagnia Duomo of Milan, who collected the complaint of the Italian-Norwegian girl and who then carried out the first technical checks on the telephone cells of the defendants and the two girls. A marshal of the carabinieri of the Olbia territorial department will also be heard in the courtroom, who carried out the first surveys in the villa of the Grillo family, in Costa Smeralda, where group violence would have taken place.

Following will be recorded the depositions of the administrator of the Billionaire, the place where the boys met on the evening of the alleged violence, of a taxi driver who took the two girls back to the b & b after the night spent at Grillo’s house and some neighbors who they were staying in the residence in those days. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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