Record heat, icicles for animals at the Turin biopark PHOTOS and VIDEO

Record heat, ice lollies for animals at the Turin biopark (ANSA)

Fresh and tasty ice lollies for the animals guests of the Zoom biopark in Turin. It is not a publicity stunt, but a real solution against the record heat of these days, found by the people involved in the care of the animals themselves, the keepers. Obviously taking into account the different tastes in terms of food, first of all if vegetarians or carnivores. Inserted within their habitats, often hidden or hung as enrichment activities, so that the animals can have fun looking for them and reaching them, the popsicles are prepared every day and contain, for carnivores, pieces of meat or fish, while for giraffes, lemurs, meerkats or gibbons, pieces of fruit.

Intrigued before and satisfied after the tasting, the animals were also filmed in a video released by the biopark itself. all the other keepers have found the solution in making fresh and tasty popsicles. “An original way to feed the animals and allow them to tolerate the hot climate of these days better and with gusto” say from the biopark.

Source: Ansa

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