Why do they throw matches into the water when they boil eggs: an original trick

Folk ways in the kitchen are sometimes surprising, but they still work.

Why are matches thrown into the water with eggs / Photo: Unsplash, Collage: Today

There are many ways to cook eggs. In some cases, for example, for salads, hard boiled eggs

To the egg did not burst when boiled
, has not leaked out and has not lost its aesthetic appearance, each housewife uses her secret. And there are actually a lot of them.

How to boil eggs so they don’t leak: life hacks

  • Some wait for hours for the eggs from the refrigerator to heat up and become room temperature
    . In this case, it is believed that they will not crack in rapidly boiling water.
  • Others pour into the pan soda
    . One spoon is enough.
  • Someone for a similar result pours into the water vinegar
    about the same.
  • It is believed to be strong brine
    will also protect eggs from leakage, even if the shell is cracked.
  • Before cooking, inspect the eggs for shell integrity
    . It is clear that a cracked egg is the first candidate for leakage.
  • And the trick lies in the method of boiling: the eggs are allowed to boil, and then reduced fire to a minimum
    so that the water does not boil.

But there is one more original way
keep the egg mass in the shell and prevent it from leaking out. However, few people can find a scientific explanation for this method.

So that the shell does not crack and the contents of the egg do not spill into the water, while cooking for the eggs add matches
. 3-5 pieces are enough, and you can take already burnt ones or break off the sulfuric head in them. So matches in the kitchen are needed not only to light the burner.

By the way, instead of matches, wooden toothpicks
– the effect will be the same, the eggs will not pour out.

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