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Dead child in Sharm, the body returned on Saturday

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The body of little Andrea Mirabile, who died at 6, perhaps after food poisoning, will return to Palermo on Saturday. while on vacation in Sharm el Sheikh with parents, Antonio Mirabile, hospitalized in serious condition in intensive care, and the mother, Rosalia Manosperti, 4 months pregnant and discharged today. The woman had addressed a heartfelt appeal to the institutions to organize a state flight to be able to return home.
According to what is learned, the Foreign Ministry is taking action, also trying to overcome the bureaucratic obstacles determined by the Egyptian health laws, for. organize an ambulance flight to bring husband and wife back to Italy. Mirabile, who still has low saturation and heart problems, is in no condition to travel on an airliner. Andrea’s body was transferred to Cairo today.
Before leaving, the family had taken out health insurance. In the next few days, the company should make available to the couple – the woman does not want to leave her husband alone in Egypt – a plane with a medical team on board.
The causes of Andrea’s death are being investigated. The family, who claim to have always eaten at their resort, the Sultan Garden, a 5-star property with excellent reviews, began to feel ill last Friday.
The couple went to the emergency medical service not far from the hotel who diagnosed everyone with food poisoning and prescribed medications. The conditions of Andrea and his father, however, worsened, so much so that on Saturday the family ran by ambulance to the international hospital.
Andrea died despite long resuscitation attempts. The father was admitted to intensive care.
THE Mirabile, followed by a lawyer made available to them by the Farnesina, asked for an autopsy to be performed on the child’s body, which was carried out in recent days.
“It will take time to know the results,” said the uncle, Roberto Manosperti. Egyptian laws establish strict deadlines for the results: by law it is one to two months to obtain the report, based on samples taken by experts from Suez. The Egyptian judiciary has opened an investigation into the death. According to what ANSA has learned, no other guest of the structure would have been ill in recent days.
“The diplomatic authority of the Farnesina, the Embassy in Egypt and the Consulate in Sharm are following the affair with the aim of ensuring maximum support for the two parents. I am sure that the authorities will deal with the repatriation operations of the two Palermitan spouses and the body of their son “, said the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla. “At this moment the pregnant mother is in good condition and is in hospital with her husband, who is still in serious but stable conditions. I will remain in contact with the Farnesina – added the mayor – to receive all the updates on the conditions of the our two fellow citizens and their return to Palermo “.

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Source: Ansa

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