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Superbonus scam, Gdf seizes 54 million tax credits

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(ANSA) – CAMPOBASSO, 07 JUL – A gigantic scam linked to the Superbonus building was discovered by the Guardia di Finanza and the Procura di Campobasso. After a series of complex investigations, in the last few hours, a preventive seizure of numerous tax drawers was carried out, where approximately 54 million tax credits relating to an illicit use of public resources are in place. Several construction companies are involved, including these two Molise, whose lawyers are being investigated for the crimes of aggravated fraud against the State, IT fraud and the issue of false invoices for non-existent operations.

The investigation began with the Campobasso Finance Department, which carried out investigations on the undue achievement of tax credits for renovation and energy efficiency works envisaged by the Relaunch Decree.

“The precautionary measure of the seizure – the investigators explain – was necessary to avoid the introduction and circulation, in the legal economic circuit, of fictitious tax credits that could have been unduly compensated or transferred to unsuspecting financial intermediaries, purposes of their negotiation and consequent monetization “. Precisely in relation to an episode of illegal monetization of fictitious tax credits, the preventive seizure of a sum of 425 thousand euros was also carried out against a person who had managed in the meantime to obtain liquidity for part of the illegal tax credits. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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