Migrants: prefect, Lampedusa hotspot will be emptied by Tuesday

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(ANSA) – LAMPEDUSA, JUL 09 – “The ‘San Marco’ of the Marina is taking on board the last group of migrants guests of the hotspot and will then set sail for Porto Empedocle (Agrigento) where it will arrive tomorrow morning. The 600 migrants will be deployed between Sicily and the rest of the peninsula, while the Navy ship will return to Lampedusa to load another 600 guests from the reception facility. Tomorrow evening a large patrol boat from the Guardia di Finanza is also due to leave and will embark another 120 or 150 people. If not Monday , at the latest on Tuesday, we will complete the transfers. ” To take stock of the situation, after having made an inspection of the hotspot of Lampedusa and after a meeting with all the entities (coop that deals with the management of the structure, the Municipality and the police forces involved), is the prefect of Agrigento , Maria Rita Cocciufa.

“We are working hard and we will continue to do so – he explains -. An extraordinary collection of waste at the hotspot was already carried out yesterday, in agreement with the Municipality, and of course it will be further cleaned up”. Among the difficulties that have occurred and which have also slowed down the pre-identification procedures for guests, there is also the lack of mediators. There is talk of contracts and expired assignments. “Today there have been significant additions thanks to Frontex and UNHCR.

We are trying to re-establish a mechanism – guarantees the prefect of Agrigento – that has had moments of difficulty, on our part the attention is absolute “.

The weather conditions should return to good, and in fact facilitate new crossings, as early as tomorrow evening, if not Monday. For 15 days, the sea will be calm. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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