In Ancona humanoid robot against fear of children operating room

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(ANSA) – ANCONA, 11 JUL – A humanoid robot in the ward to help hospitalized children overcome the fear of the operating room. This is the experience of the maternal and child hospital of Ancona where today two very delicate operations were performed on as many young patients by the Division of General Neurosurgery with particular Pediatric interest “, led by Dr. Roberto Trignani. An intervention explains a joint note from the Azienda Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona, Marche Region and Salesi Hospital Foundation onlus, was performed on a 12-year-old Apulian child suffering from benign tumor of the lumbar spine. To explain the details of the operation to the 12-year-old and his parents, as well as doctors also included Estrabot, the humanoid robot of the Salesi Hospital Foundation onlus, which for the first time “has been used in neurosurgery, while since 2019 it has already been successfully used in general surgery” explains Antonello Maraldo, president of the Foundation. Estrabot , made operational by the clown doctor Samuele Ialino, explained to the child, calling him by name, the surgical procedure a, using a ‘story’.

Singing the 12-year-old’s favorite songs, she then accompanied him to the operating room. “You have to imagine your spine as a cave – he told him – inside which the electric cables that control the functions of your legs are kept, but these electric cables are trapped because the walls of the cave have swollen, which can risk collapse. But you don’t have to worry because Roberto and his doctor friends know very well what to do. ” In the operating room the neurosurgeons Roberto Trignani, Michele Luzi and Roberta Benigni, with a minimally invasive surgical procedure, made an opening in the spine to free the compressed nerves. The surgery involved several specialists including the neuroradiologist Stefano Bruni, who performed a vertebroplasty. In the last month, Estrabot has also been joined by Sally, another humanoid with the same goal of alleviating the anxiety of young patients. (HANDLE).

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