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Killed with hammering: prosecutor Sassari asks for life imprisonment for accused

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Uber-files, Renzi:

(ANSA) – SASSARI, 11 JUL – ” Sentenced Claudio Dettori to life imprisonment. It was Dettori who committed the robbery and murder of Antonio Fara “, with the aggravating circumstance of cruelty and the abuse of a hospitality relationship. This is the request presented by prosecutor Giovanni Porcheddu at the end of his indictment in the ongoing trial at the Court d’Assise di Sassari against the 25-year-old from Sassari Claudio Dettori, accused of the murder of the 47-year-old bartender Antonio Fara, killed on the evening of 22 April 2021 in his apartment in via Livorno, in the center of Sassari.

His body had been found on the morning of 23 April by the firefighters and carabinieri of the Company of Sassari, who entered the apartment after receiving a phone call from Dettori himself who, before escaping, denounced a probable murder in via Livorno.

Before the court presided over by judge Mauro Pusceddu (on the sidelines Giulia Tronci), the accused, defended by the lawyer Bruno Conti, has always declared himself innocent. The prosecutor Porcheddu with his indictment lasting three hours, provided all the elements on which his request for conviction is based: from the images of several video surveillance cameras in the area, in which we see Dettori who, at times compatible with the murder , enters and leaves Fara’s apartment, where he had been staying for two months; the results of the findings of the Ris of Cagliari on the scene of the crime and on the finds; up to the report of the medical examiner and the disputes regarding the version of the facts released in the courtroom by Dettori. According to the reconstruction of the prosecutor Dettori would have killed Fara to steal the income from the bar (about 700 euros) and would have killed him first by knocking him out with fists and kicks, then hitting him in the head with a frying pan, then trying to strangle him with a bathrobe belt and finishing it with two fatal blows to the head. The prosecutor’s indictment is followed by the intervention of the civil party lawyer Simone Pisano. Next Monday there will be a reply from the defense. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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